​Hua Li 化力 Parties Hard in Montreal for "Social Meds" Video

​Hua Li 化力 Parties Hard in Montreal for 'Social Meds' Video
Montreal hip-hop experimenter Hua Li 化力 has debuted a brand new music video for "Social Meds."
The clip was directed by Tyler Reekie, and it captures what Hua Li refers to as the "gritty" DIY scene that she came up in.
"'Social Meds' begins in storied Montreal venue, Bar le Ritz PDB, a place where I have seen countless musicians and played many shows — a vibrant and exciting space at nighttime with a truly down-in-the-dumps dive bar atmosphere during the daytime," Hua Li tells Exclaim!
"Tyler and I shot the second verse several months later after going on a IRL bender," she continues. "We biked to the Chabanel district well after midnight and I gave a no holds barred performance fuelled by sleep and serotonin deprivation. The choruses reflect Tyler Reekie's video art style — lo-fi and glitchy. We wanted to make the setting very fantastical to emphasize the escapist nature of the party scene."
You can party in Montreal vicariously through the resulting video for "Social Meds" below.
Hua Li's debut LP Dynasty is due out September 20 via Next Door Records.

Tour dates:

06/15 Toronto, ON - The Garrison (NXNE)
07/04 Montreal, QC - Canadian Centre of Architecture
08/17 Toronto, ON - Wavelength Festival
09/28 Montreal, QC - Pop Montreal