Hrsta Ghosts Will Come and Kiss Our Eyes

On their third record, Montreal’s Hrsta create alluring cinematic soundscapes that patiently wrestle with themselves before settling into tangible patterns. The brainchild of Godspeed You! Black Emperor guitarist Mike Moya, Hrsta is a four-piece featuring multi-instrumentalist Brooke Crouse, bassist Harris Newman and drummer Eric Craven. The most haunting, ambient sounds are derived from this configuration, particularly when led by Moya’s vivid lyricism and otherworldly voice. In the same androgynous realm as Patti Smith, Moya is enigmatic on dark narratives such as "The Orchard,” whose lure is a tremolo-drenched guitar line. The daunting "Tomorrow Winter Comes” is the audio equivalent of the Northern Lights, with cascading tones shimmering majestically. "Haunted Pluckley” is ushered forward by innocent chord progressions and melodica before erupting into sinister noise, recalling Radiohead without the impertinent flailing of a hot beat. Hrsta cut a strange figure for sure but, if drawn in, it’s difficult to turn away. ()