Howard Stern producing Rock N Roll High School remake

Howard Stern producing <i>Rock N Roll High School</i> remake
Baba booey baba booey! Bored with raking in the millions from Satellite Radio, shock jock DJ Howard Stern has signed up to produce the 1979 Ramones-centred film Rock N’ Roll High School, Variety reports.

To make things even better/worse, the film will be penned by Alex Winter, aka Bill from Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure. "I've now done so much stuff in music videos, and the Napster movie, that the chance to bridge music and comedy was something that intrigued me," he told Variety. "This movie seemed so ripe for a remake."

Let’s just hope Stern sticks to producing. Even though his long, horse-y face could make a vaguely believable Joey Ramone, it just doesn’t seem right.

Rock N’ Roll High School Original Trailer