How to Dress Well "Teenage Spaceship" (Smog cover)

How to Dress Well "Teenage Spaceship" (Smog cover)
How to Dress Well's Tom Krell has spent his time since Total Loss wisely, continuing to treat listeners with fascinating mini-proects. The latest offering is a cover of Smog's "Teenage Spaceship."

Krell shared the track with the following statement on his Tumblr:

i feel so blessed to have spent so much of 2013 singing for yall, so this is a lil xmas gift for u. love you all so much #honest.  :+)
so, aaron and i made this lil recording on tour last year.

we started recording the music on a day off between shows in sydney and kuala lumpur. we did all the music in that hotel room in K.L. and then watched 'the fan' on tv it was tite. then like some months later i recorded the vocals in a hotel room in warsaw. i remember we had played a totally inspiring show in poznan the night before at the most beautiful gallery space and then got to warsaw i had just had a shower and there was a rihanna billboard out the window and i just felt GREAT. i went to the window, which was on the fourth story, and had a moment of really intense vertigo. then i laid down on the bed and i sang this song, which i love.

the beauty of bill callahan's original song is unmatched—— this is just an attempt to do honor to one of the greatest songs i've ever known.

(ps the whole thing was recorded on built-in laptop mics and isn't mastered or anything.)

this is a gift from me to u for your love and support. this is a toast to an amazing 2013 and to a v v v exciting 2014 :+) just watch :+)



Check out How to Dress Well's take on "Teenage Spaceship" below.