How to Disappear Completely

Daughters of Eve

How to Disappear CompletelyDaughters of Eve
Syracuse, NY-based band How to Disappear Completely, born from hardcore act Architect, offer up their debut LP, Daughters of Eve. A vast departure from Architect, members James Bailey (vocals, guitar) and Thomas Calandra (bass), have been joined by Devon Robillard (violin, keyboards), Ian MacNeil (drums) and Kyle Heath (guitar) to create a unique sound. Featuring heavy rhythms coupled with beautiful, ethereal melodies, How to Disappear Completely provide an intense, emotive listening experience with Daughters of Eve. Each track carries its own distinctive highlighting qualities, starting with crushing riffs and harsh vocals on "Salt of the Earth," while "Outpatient" showcases captivating melodic guitar work.

"Closer to Me" features hauntingly gorgeous clean vocals and atmospheric, eerie tones, which are prevalent throughout the release and particularly spellbinding on "Fall Like Love" and the heavier "Bella." Hard, yet delicate, Daughters of Eve is compelling, with romantic themes, various structures, skilled musicianship and excellent production. It's a fantastic start for this promising band. (Independent)
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