How to Destroy Angels "Is Your Love Strong Enough?" (Bryan Ferry cover)

How to Destroy Angels 'Is Your Love Strong Enough?' (Bryan Ferry cover)
If you've been itching to hear that cover of Bryan Ferry's "Is Your Love Strong Enough?" by Trent Reznor's How to Destroy Angels, here it is.

Via the band's Tumblr, you can stream the track below. And we recommend you do. Despite our early reservations about the Rez and co. taking this one on, it's a pretty stellar makeover. But maybe it's just because we love the original so much that no one could possibly make us hate this song.

The cover will of course appear on the upcoming Girl with a Dragon Tattoo soundtrack, due out via Null Corporation digitally on December 9, with a triple CD set planned to drop on December 27. Then, on January 23, the vinyl deluxe package will arrive.

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