Housewives Prep 'Work' LP, Premiere "Docile Body"

Housewives Prep 'Work' LP, Premiere 'Docile Body'
South London post-punk quartet Housewives are set to release their debut album, Work. Thanks to a partnership between Hands in the Dark, Negative Days and Blank Editions, the album will be pressed to 500 vinyl copies, which will be made available to the public on October 27.

Like the Housewives' eponymous Faux Discx-released tape EP from late 2013, which earned the fandom of Thurston Moore, Work sees the no-wave noise pop of frontman Joseph Rafferty (vocals/guitar/saxophone), David Moran (guitar/keys), Sasha Evans (bass/drums) and Lawrence Dodd (drums/vocals) again being produced by Alex Townend of Vision Fortune. Townend took the group to a remote farm in the French countryside, where they incorporated everything at their disposal into their usual detuned and homemade guitar-based sound.

A press release explains:

An electric fence from the surrounding farmers land prevented a clean signal to the amplifiers resulting in no guitar or bass parts being recorded at the farm. The focus of the recording process was turned towards creating layers of percussive and instrumental parts; drum parts were recorded from the bottom of a disused silage tank ('Autarky'), church bells recorded from the closest village ('Half Step') and the architecture of the farm captured by creating feedback loops from the ambient sound of the surrounding farm buildings ('Fig. 1'). These compositions along with the remaining instrumental parts were assembled and finalised in Townend's South East London studio.

In anticipation of the album's release, Exclaim! is proud to premiere "Docile Body." The song has a rather frantic vibe due to its skittering, metallic percussion and driving, dissonant guitars, yet its progression is unhurried. The track moves along, from its ambient intro and building drums to its rocking crescendo with briefly hollered vocals, followed by a percussive rebuild that culminates in a torrent of double-tracked saxophone squawks. As such, while the timbres are aggressive, they don't feel rushed. The listener is invited to hang out for a while, and soak it all in.

Pick up Works on October 27, and check the stream of "Docile Body" below now.

You can pre-order Work over here.