House of Low Culture Submarine Immersion Techniques Vol. I

Yet another musical outlet for Isis/Old Man Gloom/Hydra Head mastermind Aaron Turner, HOLC is more of an ambient/ experimental project than strict noise. After the briefly buzzing intro of "(Excerpt From) Ultrasonic Escalating Eye Irritant," the naked, droning chords of "Damnation Of A/Dead Man" build up like a structured Melvins soother. Turner is joined by Isis guitarist Jeff Caxide for "(Study For) In The Streamline," which logs on with computer modem samples, eerie human groans, indecipherable phone voices and then fades out and into the excellent "Submarine Immersion Technique Transmission II" and its Earth-like monolithic riffage, book-ended by big band jazz snippets. Though it has nothing to do with simians, the oddly titled "(Study For) Derek: Ape In Contact" sounds like a far off, quiet train is travelling through each ear, and the Pink Floyd-ish dreariness that's left behind permeates the whole of "Another Tragic One: Hands Sold By Poachers" and "C.F.T. (Demo)." More Earth dynamics follow on "Submarine Immersion Techniques Transmission I," and "(Study For) In On The White Horse" features serenely lilting acoustic guitars perfected by Mandible Chatter. "It Approaches," another headphone feast, has shifting left/right beats, guitars that echo in dull shimmers and brooding atmospherics that crescendo gradually over the course of 11 minutes. Surely influenced by Release's groundbreaking Release Your Mind compilation, HOLC is one entity that I'm willing to bet Manifold Records wishes they had on their roster. (Crowd Control Activities)