The Hottness Stay Classy

The Hottness are the latest group to join a rising sub-genre of metalcore that features heavy amounts of Southern rock. Stay Classy draws from the rock’n’roll style of breakdowns and lashing guitars but stands out by focusing on melodic vocals and keeps things trendy with throaty tones. Punk guitar lines tweaked with Southern riffs and occasional squeals drive much of the rhythms and get full support from head-knocking drum lines. If you’re looking for a direct comparison, it’s like LoveHateHero getting a complete makeover from Lynyrd Skynyrd. Considering that the Hottness aren’t doing anything inventive, relying on punk more than hardcore, it’s surprising how refreshing a listen Stay Classy is and how easily it is to feel the music. It reinforces the idea that rock’n’roll isn’t dead to this generation; it just needed a change of clothes, from leather vests and pants to flannel shirts and some Levis 501s. (Ferret)