Hotbox Frostbite

While talk around this compilation of work by Newfie producer Hotbox is likely to focus on the guest appearance of Sean Price, alongside Jay Bizzy, for the mellow "Best Friend,” my excitement revolves around the licensed remix of MC Lyte’s "The Wonder Years,” which was originally produced by Premier. If Hotbox’s horn-heavy ode to the golden age of rap is any indication of how their rumoured upcoming collaborations might turn out, Lyte will have at least a few tight tracks on her new album. The rest of the compilation is made up of the new generation of Maritimes artists, aside from a welcome return from Haltown pioneer Bonshah, alongside Expedyte, on "Make ’em Holla,” a contemporary, sped-up soul sample song that’s not one of the album's most innovative tracks. But for innovation you have Miracle’s swagger on the ’70s blaxploitation of "Warning Shot,” Jofo and Mick D. getting hyphy on "Got It Locked,” as well as Markit on the mellow, atmospheric "Markit Places,” and Bush, Shiest and Nayles on the guitar-heavy posse cut "Non-Stop.” It won’t be long until Hotbox backs your current faves, so save yourself the time backtracking by checking him out now and maybe discover a few new, talented emcees in the process. (Audio Research)