Hot Water Music A Flight And A Crash

Finally, after a year-and-a-half of writing, Hot Water Music releases what has to be one of the most respected releases since Fugazi's first two EPs. In seven years, they've been prolific and consistent in writing and performing some of the most powerful and emotional aggressive rock songs known to mankind, and have also obtained one of the most loyal followings. A Flight And A Crash offers no departure from Hot Water Music's trademarked heart pounding, bass-driven songwriting, or Scott Sinclair's phenomenal artwork. However, fans may find it reminiscent of the band's earlier works, like Fuel For Hate or Finding the Rhythms, and not as closely related to their 1999 split with Leatherface. From start to finish, A Flight And A Crash is a brilliant musical powerhouse destined to stir up a plethora of feelings in any listener lucky enough to be aurally graced by Hot Water Music. (Epitaph)