Hot Snakes Mission Santa Cruz, Montreal, QC, September 20

Hot SnakesMission Santa Cruz, Montreal, QC, September 20
In a face-meltingly hot room plastered wall to wall with slogans designed to sell you sneakers, it was delightful to hear Hot Snakes open with ''I Hate the Kids.'' Who needs grooves when you got Chucks? Grease your wheels or grind your gear, Converse's showcase at Mission Santa Cruz was packed, and San Diego's rock'n'rollers were as welcomed as if they had been on their home turf.

Although the sound quality didn't do justice to the band's well-rehearsed set — the poor sound kit was probably recovering from METZ's clusterfuck of a performance — the Snakes steered a steady course through and through. Like they never disappeared in the first place, the band went the extra mile and even pleased the old timers — some of whom couldn't make odds and ends with the interior decoration, others simply puffing chronic near the pit before stage diving — with a Drive Like Jehu number.

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