Hot Rod Honeys Hungry and Horny

It’s 1978 all over again and Belgium punk rockers the Hot Rod Honeys are fuelling the fire that is slowly building into a real blaze. Hungry and Horny dishes up a real blast from the punk rock past, combining the musical elements of the Sex Pistols, UK Subs, and Ramones with the garage rock rawness and speed of the Dwarves. The band is down and dirty in their musical fury, whipping up a real frenzy of blasting guitars, split second drum beats and snotty in your face vocals. The 17 tracks on here are either finished in over or under a minute flat and are rarely drawn out into something over two minutes. With song titles such as “Satan Loves You All,” “Bloody Belgium,” “I’m in a Riot,” “Call Me A Scumbag,” “Who’s Gonna’ Burn the Shithouse” and the definitive “Fuck Off!” it’s evident that the Hot Rod Honeys are graduates of the G.G. Allin institute of scumbag rock. If drinking extensively, driving at 150 mph and fighting and fucking anything that moves are your fortes, then Hungry and Horny is the soundtrack to your imminent mutilation and self destruction. (Man’s Ruin)