Hot Piss Defenders of the Stain

Hot Piss is usually the result of one of two things; a venereal disease or kidney stones. Defenders of the Stain is not much more enjoyable than urinating under the aforementioned conditions. Why Hot Piss want to glorify peeing is beyond me. Why they want to defend the stain is also beyond me. They rawk with ‘80s AC/DC big balls and this might be the cause of all their peeing problems. Possibly, they’re geriatric cuz their music sounds like something old timers play. While playing their Iron Maiden or Eddie Van Halen guitar chops and Ratt drumming they probably pee themselves, straining to emulate these hair metal bands they love so much. Or they are laughing so hard when performing songs “Chili Fries,” “Maybe I Stab You” and “Saturday Night Cougar” that they piss themselves. Adult diapers are a better investment than this album. (Happy Accident)