Hot Karl The Great Escape

Hot Karl takes a lot of flack because of his corny punch lines and the fact that he sounds like Eminem. He even admits it himself in songs like "I've Heard," but one of the great things about Karl is his honesty. On one hand he is honest, and on the other hand he is unoriginal, so most people either love him or hate him. The Great Escape features guest spots from MC Serch of 3rd Bass and Dave Gossett, the A&R man made famous on Black Sheep's "Pass the 40" from the classic A Wolf In Sheep's Clothing. Some of the lyrics are pretty entertaining when Karl reminisces about growing up in the ’80s on "Kerk Gybson" but production wise it's "Home Sweet Home" featuring Reggie Watts that stands out among the rest. The song just sounds like an old rock song from the ’70s with rhyming over it, which is a crossover that hasn't been heard since the Judgment Night soundtrack. Most of the beats are a little too mainstream and synthesised sounding but ones like "The Afterparty" with the funky bounce still manage to make your head nod. Hot Karl tends to contradict himself at times when he's talking about how awful it is that young women get cosmetic surgery on one song, and then has another song called "Butterface," which is all about women with ugly faces and great bodies. So, it's either sink or swim with Hot Kizzle, but you'll have to hear it for yourself to make up your own mind. (Headless Heroes)