Hospitality "I Miss Your Bones"

Hospitality 'I Miss Your Bones'
Brooklyn outfit Hospitality were rather mum about their sophomore set Trouble when it was announced a couple of weeks back, but the group have now given us a proper taste of what's to come via a stream of poppy post-punk number "I Miss Your Bones."

A stop-start rhythm, military drum punch-ups and lonely lyrics from Amber Papini introduce the track, though a Television-styled jangle arrives in the pre-chorus and a tuneful, if herky-jerk guitar solo mid-song. It's got enough pep to last a thousand spins, and you can start now ahead of the album's January 28 street date on Merge Records via the player down below.

While a tracklisting has yet to appear, Papini had the following to say about the lyrical direction of the LP:

Most of the songs are about everyday environments that arouse anxiety or unease. The ocean isn't meant for people; we aren't supposed to be there, and some of the animals that live there are much bigger and faster than we are in the water. I think a lot of the songs deal with this 'out of place' kind of theme, feelings of unease and the questions of what is under you or what surrounds you.