Horrorpops Hell Yeah!

Not quite as catchy as label mates and fellow bearers of psychobilly flag Tiger Army, Horrorpops are still a fine example of the best fusion of punk and rockabilly available for the kids today. With a campy flair and a finely tuned sense of irony pervading all their songs, tracks like the surf-tinged "Horrorbeach” give off the fun feel of a band truly enjoying themselves, with smirks and coffin tattoos prominently on display. Opener "Julia” is likely one of the best songs on the album — a blistering kiss-off to an old friend with the slap of upright bass leading the whole song towards it’s kick-ass finale. The sort-of love song "Kool Flattop” really lets you know what kind of record you’re listening to, with it’s cry of "He’s a real cool bat with old school tats,” while "Emotional Abuse” struts with stray cat-like confidence as its tale of good love gone bad unravels. (Hellcat)