Horrorpops Bring It On!

A huge step up from their first full-length release, the equally excitedly titled Hell Yeah!, these poppy psychobillies have truly hit on something great with this collection of silly, spooky songs. A little older and a little wiser, the band sound less like a comical riff on psychobilly archetypes and more like a band drawing from all kinds of slightly cheesy music, from surf to swing to pure pop goodness. Still infusing their sound with the dark themes their name implies, songs like "Walk like a Zombie” riff on death-obsessed punks, while kitschy opener "Freaks in Uniforms” espouses the positive attributes of being the Horrorpops. Aided by the experienced hand of producer Brett Gurewitz, Bring It On! is a fun record that also holds some wonderful songs under its sarcastic sheen. (Hellcat)