'Horrible Bosses 2,' 'Foxcatcher' and 'The Last Impresario' Lead Our Film Roundup

'Horrible Bosses 2,' 'Foxcatcher' and 'The Last Impresario' Lead Our Film Roundup
To help celebrate the end of another workweek, we've got a great bunch of film reviews to help you kick back and unwind. As we do every week, we've gathered a handful of must-see films and reviewed them just for you. Give them a read below, then, if you're still looking for more, check out our Recently Reviewed section for additional film reviews.

Horrible Bosses 2 follows from where the first film left off. The three dimwitted protagonists begin the film by following their entrepreneurial dreams of becoming their own bosses — that is, until the run into a series of problems, including running into their former bosses. Jason Bateman, Jason Sudeikis and Charlie Day all return to their hilarious ways, but does Horrible Bosses 2 do the job well, or is it a pale imitation of the first film? Read our review to find out.

Next up is Foxcatcher, based on the real-life tumultuous relationship between Olympic wrestler Dave Shultz and his multimillionaire benefactor John Du Pont. This film takes a deep, dark look at the destruction caused by the pursuit of the American Dream, along with the struggle of trying to obtain it.

Described as the "most famous person you've never heard of," The Last Impresario documents the life of Michael White. The legendary British producer is responsible for fostering the talents of innovative people like John Cleese, Kate Moss and Yoko Ono. Click the link above to read our review.

Halifax filmmaker Andrea Dorfman's Heartbeat is last on our list, but definitely not least. Dorfman once again collaborates with actor and singer-songwriter Tanya Davis, whose singer-songwriter character somewhat parallels Davis' real life occupation. Justine (Davis) uses a negative situation in her life as the catalyst to relaunch her creative self into songwriting, exploring what it takes to harness heartbreak and turn it into artistic success.

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