Horfixion Instigators of Chaos

On Instigators of Chaos, Quebec's Horfixion have enlisted the drumming abilities of Martyr's Patrice Hamelin, and the drumming is easily the highlight of this album. Although the songs are an adept attempt at straight ahead thrash/death metal, the delivery is bogged down by monotonous vocals and a weak production. That "straight out of your town” layout isn't helping either. It's not bad by any means, and is even worthy of a few listens, due to some tricky time signatures and respectable thrash grooves. For a demo-level disc, this is great; for an indie release, it's dubious; for the big leagues, these guys have a way to go yet, but Horfixion are capable of getting there. Beef up the production, add some variety to the vocals, make the packaging look appealing and it'll make all the difference in the world. (Galy)