Horace Andy Mek It Bun

Horace Andy's work with Massive Attack may have introduced him to a larger audience but this roots reggae legend has been around a long time. Mek It Bun predominantly keeps to Andy's classic roots with very few modern reggae production tricks creeping in — a good sign for old school fans. The album revisits many classic themes and songs, from the tribute to the Mighty Diamonds' "Pass the Kouchie" in the title to a solid reworking of Gregory Isaac's "Night Nurse." Amid vintage percussive clavinet phrases and the odd dub delay are a few modern touch-ups, most notably on the album closer and reggae standard "Satta Massa Gana," where funk-laced drums and minimal electronics are used to welcome effect. The highlight throughout though is Andy's high-pitched stuttering vocal technique — an idiosyncratic singing style that has been copied by many. And with that voice, if his picture didn't adorn the CD booklet, you'd swear he was 30 years younger. (Wrasse)