Hopeful Monster Metatasking

Hopeful MonsterMetatasking
Hopeful Monster is the brainchild of Jason Ball, a Nova Scotian ex-pat now based in Toronto. The band began as Ball's half of a studio project with Paul Aucoin, which produced both Hopeful Monster and the Hylozoists' debut records. This follow up took Ball almost six years to record between touring stints with bands like the Hylozoists and the Heavy Blinkers, and features many of the musicians he encountered along the way. As the band's name implies, Metatasking is chock full of sunny, piano-based indie pop tunes, a sound that a lot of young bands are appropriating these days. Thankfully, Ball's experience shines through and each track has its own character; the chunky guitars and raw synthesizers on "Dream Car" sound lifted from the Rentals' first record, while the vocal harmonies on "Air Highway" have been very effectively cribbed from the Beach Boys. A truly satisfying listen, it would be a shame if we had to wait another half-dozen years for Metatasking's follow up. (Gooseberry)