Hoosier Poet 84Tempo

Hamilton (Hellmilton), ON’s Hoosier Poet may be the new hope on the block for aggressive music from that decaying wasteland of industrial excess (although the almighty Shallow North Dakota seem to have returned) and CFL worship, but judging from this uber-DIY release — complete with faux(?) leather sleeve and black and white inlay — there’s good reason to champion this young band. While the art of presenting themselves and their vision will come in time (and with cash money) the music on 84Tempo is strong (featuring above -average indie production) and exceptionally tight and engaging. Hoosier Poet (named after the Hoosier Poet, James Riley) combine a number of styles, and may cost themselves blind "scene” acceptance (not exactly hardcore, emo, math nor metal) but create something interesting in the process. Intricate and dissonant, heavy and noisy but not too metallic, with semblances of emo-derived melodies and structures heard throughout, and melodic almost jazzy noodling moments of respite, Hoosier Poet can remind one second of Keelhaul, Boy Sets Fire, Fugazi, Moneen or older Shallow ND without sounding derivative. Hoosier Poet has the talent, now they just need someone to push them. (Independent)