Hooded Fang "Train Station"

Hooded Fang "Train Station"
It's the Mordecai Richler reference in their name that got me. Thinking about it, I'm shocked that Hooded Fang wasn't used before, but these scrappy young DIYers from Toronto deserve such a fabulous title.

Hooded Fang released their self-titled EP earlier this summer, a five-song assortment of ambitious pop filled with jangle, quirk and romance, made using a pick-it-up-and-just-play-it, "everything but the kitchen sink" approach. They say they're "shamelessly plundering all musical genres in the service of crafting the perfect pop tune." Well, they've certainly achieved that. It's jovial, wistful and sweet stuff, the kind of inoffensive pop music you could bring home to meet your parents without worrying if they'll approve.

The EP's standout for me is "Train Station," which almost falls into the realm of twee, thanks to its spirited skip and sophisticated mini-orchestral instrumentation, fronted by a twinkling lead guitar that steals the show at the last leg. Nicholas Hune-Brown's gentlemanly vocal adds passion normally reserved for the Divine Comedy's Neil Hannon; wrapped in a blanket of reverb, he throws his wit around with storytelling as endearingly honest as "I've never been to California/I'm just excited to be seeing Montreal/My French is crap just thought I'd warn ya."

You can catch them live at the upcoming shows below - and don't forget to pick up the EP.

9/30 Toronto, ON - Silver Dollar (No Shame party w/ Rural Alberta Advantage, the Details and Novillero)
10/2 Montreal, QC - Pop Montreal (w/ Green Go, the Winks, the Bicycles, Prairie Cat, Peter Project and More Or Les)
10/22 Guelph, ON - TBA (w/ Owl Bird)
11/1 Toronto, ON - Opera House (w/ Born Ruffians, Henri Faberge & The Adorables)