Hooded Fang Citizen Vintage, Montreal, QC, September 21

Hooded FangCitizen Vintage, Montreal, QC, September 21
Not too far from their hometown of Toronto, Hooded Fang brought a Pop Montreal crowd somewhere else completely with tunes worthy of the beach, and just as foreign to our frigid nation. Falling in the same surf-punk genre as Wavves — with singer Daniel Lee rocking the same indoor sunglasses look to boot — the band are everything you enjoy in the summer, and everything you long for in the winter, a welcome experience that feels like it fills a gap in the Canadian scene.

It felt all too appropriate that a blisteringly humid Citizen's Vintage played home to a quick but satisfying gig. What the clothing shop couldn't offer in acoustic perfection, the band made up for using what they had at their disposal, strumming harder and straining their vocal chords to adjust the volume. Drummer Alex Meeks walked in unimposing in a white dress shirt and thin-framed glasses, but left with the achievement of having absolutely abused the skins, which surprisingly withstood the assault. "Tosta Mista," the namesake of Hooded Fang's most recent album, made an appearance, but the highlight track was the "Clap," whose droning chorus was hummed long after the show ended.

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