Honey Barbara I-10 & W. Ave.

This is an interesting package deal. Not only is there a CD with 17 fabulous tunes, but if you grab your copy now you will receive a free copy of Emigre Magazine — a collection of music and design-inspired scribblings — for no extra cost. The music is courtesy of Honey Barbara, a trio from Texas, featuring a clever blend of Jane’s Addiction, Love and Rockets and their own unique sound. With heavy percussion, steel drums and Ross Marlowe’s reverbed vocals, at times you feel as if you’ve just stumbled upon some early Jane’s B-sides. There is a playful side to his lyrics as well, which will remind many of Daniel Ash’s mellow crooning. But with all of that being said, Honey Barbara is doing something refreshingly different than much of the underground recording scene these days. Their style borrows also from the ’60s psychedelia but is updated with an electronic edge. As far as the magazine goes, it’s a curious little publication, including Honey Barbara’s song lyrics, photographs, short essays, Emigre Records’ catalogue and much more. Both of these items are worth getting a hold of. (Emigre Inc.)