Imagine taking a road trip with your four best friends to 38 breweries in 40 days, where you sample every beer imaginable and live in "everlasting drunkenness." American Beer: A Bockumentary (www.narnackrecords.com) chronicles this dream come true for five American beer drinkers. Directed by Paul Kermizian (who also stars), this gluttonous project may sound easy, but the experience was not. The 40 days are plagued with endless hangovers and the search to cure them, rashes, weight gain, and an unexpected luggage disaster when suitcases fly off the roof rack on a speedy highway. Consistently funny throughout, American Beer delight in lessons from numerous brewmasters, as well as the discovery of unheard of ingredients such as potatoes and peaches, and the astonishing fact that in 2002, the equivalent of more than 67.7 billion twelve-ounce bottles of beer were consumed in the U.S. One of the guys sums up the film best at the end when he says: "38 breweries. We're done. Now let's go get stinking drunk." Brilliant idea. Cam Lindsay