The Homeless Chorus CONCEPT ALBUM

How's this for mysterious? The Sea Donkeys are an anonymous Seattle group who wrestle out raw, primitive folk dirges. But for their latest, they went out to a decrepit, abandoned boat on Puget Sound where hobos and outcasts gather, and recorded an assembly of their lovelorn shanties and ramshackle singsongs, improvising music behind them. Volume 1 sequences the intriguing and often disturbing results of this unpredictable musical adventure. Released on Sun City Girls' record label, Abduction ( the Sea Donkeys' excitingly oddball debut recalls the best elements of hippy-era freak out troupes the Fugs and the Godz, as well as even more fringe and notorious recordings made by the Manson Family and Smegma. Not for the faint of heart — especially the ferocious cover of Heart's "Barracuda." Untamed insanity.