Home Sexteen

From the moment this Florida band began releasing records, they’ve kept track of how many by using numerical titles. Of course, some numbers tend to disappear or sometimes a numbered release is just a two-track cassette, but, needless to say, their dedication to this practice is still intact. Although they made a minor splash with XIV, here, Home have attracted attention to the lovely pun of the title. Yes, it’s seemingly their 16th release, and it’s all about fucking. With simple, punchy titles like "Juicy Ass,” "Come” and the wonderfully blunt "Fucking,” this is a band that wants to be caught in flagrante delicto by their listeners. With 19 tracks dedicated to this subject, the only consistent element is the subject matter. With "Cry” you get a short, loud and powerful shot, while "Driving” plays a quirky indie pop hand admirably. The swaggering beat of "Juicy Ass” is the probably the best thing here to actually soundtrack one’s dirty acts. Packing this many songs into one album will always leave gaping holes in the overall effort, but, more often than naught, Home come up with a really interesting, and dirtily original, album. (StoneyBoy)