Holy Oker


Holy OkerDiamonds
Following the success of Bear Mountain's debut album and subsequent touring, drummer Greg Bevis, under the moniker Holy Oker, has written and recorded a six-track EP. Diamonds, the debut release of his new project, is a gentle collection of dance-pop songs that act as a platform for Bevis' breathy vocals and emotional song writing.

Bevis' cadence on the record is remarkably soft, with many of the lyrics being melodically spoken rather than sung. "If I Go," an '80s-styled duet with Ashleigh Ball, begins with delicate chiming and Bevis' strained singing. Despite the electro beat of this and many other tracks, a persistent levity is present throughout. Instances of deep bass are not matched in vocal tone and the lyrics, despite being emotional, often parallel those of someone experiencing a difficult high school romance. Many of these well-arranged tracks unfortunately lack weight.

Holy Oker's capacity to produce incredibly rhythmic pieces will get better as his songwriting matures, which will no doubt elevate the quality of his next effort. (Boompa)
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