Holy Mountain Enemies

A group who have received near-unanimous acclaim from every end of the critical spectrum, the Holy Mountain are often referred to as part of the current surge of Discharge-inspired, crusty hardcore along with the no less praiseworthy Cursed and Tragedy. Enemies displays a distinctive approach to the style, employing a metallic edge and attention to detail that elevates them to the top of their game. Even bursts of all-out shredding solos appear, along with the vocals employing more of a cancerous rasp than an empowered shout. This effort suffers from none of the common problems and imperfections of many EPs and compilation releases — comprising two separate EPs, along with mercifully crisp sounding live tracks and some pretty engrossing artwork, makes it well worth even the casual fan’s hard earned cash. The Holy Mountain are torchbearers for hardcore in the millennium, and proof positive that there are still abundant possibilities within the realms of metallic hardcore. (No Idea)