Holy Knights Between Daylight And Pain

Holy KnightsBetween Daylight And Pain
Power metal fans have waited a long time for the sophomore album from symphonic power metallers Holy Knights. The band released their debut, Gate Through The Past, in 2001 and have been largely inactive since then, as band members pursued other projects (including Thy Majestie and Crimsonwind). The result of their much-delayed album combines moments of fussy intricacy and even outright daintiness with broad, sweeping musical landscapes and powerful, soaring guitar lines. There's a major, and completely baffling, misstep though: the intro to the otherwise fine track "Wasted Time" is completely terrible, a weak and tinny piano intro that sounds as artificial and strangled as the rest of the album sounds vast and atmospheric. Aside from this incongruous moment, the rest of the release is quite strong, especially closing track "The Turning to the Madness," which has such a powerful narrative built into the music you almost wish it was an instrumental track, just to let the incredible performances stand out more and draw greater attention to the soundtrack-like quality. For power metal aficionados who prefer records that favour grand, romantic narratives and dramatic vocals, Between Daylight and Pain won't disappoint. (Scarlet)