Holy Hum 'Appendix A + B' (EP stream)

Holy Hum 'Appendix A + B' (EP stream)
Perhaps getting ahead of himself a little, Vancouver artist (and former In Medias Res frontman) Andrew Lee kicked off 2015 with the hour-long track "Appendix C." While it was certainly an excellent stand-alone moment, the artist is filling in the gaps for us with the release of Appendix A + B.

The two-song release features more of Lee's warm, enveloping ambient music, but also expands the formula a little — "Appendix A" marks the first song from Holy Hum to feature lyrics and vocals. 

Listen to Appendix A + B below. The songs will appear on a new 7-inch via Kingfisher Bluez on April 28.

In addition, Lee has shared the isolated guitar track from "Appendix A." Though the final version is a somewhat soothing song, it takes on a life of its own when it's all feedback-drenched guitar crunch. 

Also, Holy Hum will play the Vancouver Planetarium on June 26 with Dan Bejar's Hello Blue Roses and Red Hot Icicles Burning on Fire.