Holy Fuck's Brian Borcherdt Clears Up Chatroulette Rumours, Hints at Fall Headlining Tour

Holy Fuck's Brian Borcherdt Clears Up Chatroulette Rumours, Hints at Fall Headlining Tour
After a three-year between-album gap, Torontonian electronic quartet Holy Fuck finally unleashed their Latin LP earlier this week. Before the album dropped, we touched base with front-man Brian Borcherdt, who cleared things up about the release of the album's lead-off single and hinted at the possibility of a North American fall tour.

Asked whether the band were involved in the alleged streaming of first single "Latin America" on the aptly-titled Chatroulette, Borcherdt was quick to claim he and the other band members had nothing to do with you perhaps having seen a couple of masturbating exhibitionists.

"Holy Fuck didn't put it on Chatroulette. Us, as a band, that would be pretty lame if we sat around posting our own music on the web" he explained. "We have a handful of people, you know, who work behind desks, and they'll have to think of something snappy and creative to promote [us], so somebody put it on Chatroulette. Personally, I've never been to that website.

"I do find it fitting, in a weird way, at least from my own self-deprecating point of view, that Holy Fuck would be amidst such a 'wank-fest,' so there you go. Maybe we've found our home."

Borcherdt also gave reasons as to why the band weren't about to embark on their own North American tour, and hinted that the fall might hold some headlining dates for Holy Fuck.

"It's starting to get nice out, so I don't blame people for wanting to be outside at festivals," he explained. "We're going to play a bunch of festivals this summer, and that's a very random thing - we'll be going this way then the other - so we weren't able to schedule a proper Canadian tour at this time of the year. So when it cools off and gets miserable outside, we'll be at your neighbourhood's urinal-cake-smelling, rock'n'roll-sticker-covered, hole-in-the-wall club."

And the way Borcherdt, um, romanticizes the looming tour, you may want to bring some nose plugs along.