Holy Fuck "Red Lights" (Sebastien Grainger's NYC / YYZ remix)

Holy Fuck"Red Lights" (Sebastien Grainger's NYC / YYZ remix)
Former Death From Above 1979 drummer and solo artist Sebastien Grainger has been busying himself with his new dance-oriented duo Bad Tits as of late, and that has seemingly rubbed off on his solo work. At least, that's the impression we get from Grainger's recent remix of the Holy Fuck track "Red Lights."

At six and a half minutes in length, the track is definitely a slow build, but when it hits, it gets your heart pumping with a four-on-the-floor disco groove and some Auto-Tuned vocals. There's no explosive climax, but the shimmering synths and addictive bass line are enough for this remix to hold its own alongside Holy Fuck's excellent original.

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