Holy Fuck Holy Fuck

Well beyond a simple description, Toronto’s Holy Fuck have carved a career out of blowing minds with their visually stunning gigs that are only transcended by the fact that you haven’t a clue what they’re doing to make such far-out noise. Though the visual aspect of the band is a large part of their appeal — the colourful film-laden backdrop, watching leader Brian Borcherdt man that 35mm film synchroniser, and keeping an eye on the other members to make sure they aren’t doing anything even more fascinating — Holy Fuck have proven with this debut full-length that they can conquer sound without vision. Their M.O. is bloody confusing: are they an instrumental rock band making mind-expanding psychedelia using modern electronic gadgets? Or are they an electronica outfit using a rock motif to thrust forward? Or are they simply a funk band from another planet? No wonder Beans hired them as his backing band. The sounds on Holy Fuck are filled with an energy that is both chaotic and controlled; "Tonebank Computer” sounds like their mainframe discovered how to overtake the band’s gear and is trying its own hand at music-making, whereas both parts to "K.rhythm,” as frenzied as they are, find the band members manning their instruments with complete restraint. Whatever their course of action is, Holy Fuck have provided us with a mesmerising recording that is as gratifying to dance to as it is to try and figure out. (Dependent)