Holograms Announce Captured Tracks Debut

Holograms Announce Captured Tracks Debut
Brooklyn's Captured Tracks has followed an '80s-style aesthetic releasing records from nouveau new wave artists like Wild Nothing and Craft Spells, but the label is going to punk things up a bit with their latest signing, Holograms.

The Stockholm, Sweden outfit will issue their self-titled debut on the label July 10, and a press release describes the act as "echoing both the violent abandonment of punk, as well as some of the electronic gloss of early '80s new wave."

You can sample the band's gleefully sloppy and synth-spiked rager "Chasing My Mind" in the stream down below. While sounding something like a drunker, poppier version of Iceage, the label explains that the group still manage to "projectile vomit their fare share of poison."


1. Monolith
2. Chasing My Mind
3. Orpheo
4. Memories of Sweat
5. Transform
6. Apostate
7. ABC City
8. Stress
9. Astray
10. A Tower
11. Fever
12. You Are Ancient (Sweden's Pride)