Holograms Holograms

Scandinavia proved its fertility as a breeding ground for icy, loogie-soaked post-punk last year with the breakthrough of those young hooligans in Iceage. That streak continues, via Sweden, thanks to Stockholm's Holograms, the next act in line to give us brash, virulent anthems to wreck and get wrecked to. Released by the always-reliable Captured Tracks, their self-titled debut LP packs a mighty wallop, matching a brutish, derisive attitude with whip-smart songwriting and compelling hooks. First single "ABC City" and "Chasing My Mind" both lead with pulsating synth riffs, adding some welcome new wave-y texture to the choppy, jagged guitars. Authenticity will always come into play with bands of this ilk, and while rumours circulated over the legitimacy of Iceage's punk roots, Holograms appear to be as real a deal as it gets these days with a band from a city as refined as Stockholm. But those who don't give a shit will find something quite valuable in the assured, boisterous racket found on Holograms. (Captured Tracks)