HolloH HolloH

Toronto-based producers Nicholas Spencer and Parker Nowlan have joined forces to become HolloH, and the result is a modern-day style that evokes '90s big beat pioneers the Prodigy. Liam Howlett and co. came to mind after just 30 seconds of the self-titled EP's opening track, "New Man." With dark analog bass lines and hints of U.K.-style garage, the number also embraces vocal samples typical to deep house, giving the classic sound a contemporary twist. "Dogbody" follows, another throwback to the '90s with acid house vibes. Both "Medusa" and "2Soon" are aggressive, fast-paced tracks that also teeter on the edge of acid house.

Things are brought down for "Laying Awake," almost to the point of becoming deep house yet still a few notches faster. On the closer, "Ting," the EP does a complete 360 and ends with a purely ghetto-tech, drum and bass number, rounding out HolloH's versatility on this short release. (Rare Beef)