Hollerado Main Stage, Victoria BC, September 20

Hollerado Main Stage, Victoria BC, September 20
Photo: Kim Jay
Ottawa-bred indie rockers Hollerado started off right, taking the main stage on the last day of Rifflandia wearing onesies in pinks, oranges and pastel blues. The occasion? Who knows? Regardless, it added to their appeal tenfold.
The band kicked their set off with gusto, stopping to banter with the crowd and drop stories about their last time on the island. To see a chorus of grown men and women rip through songs onstage in colourful onesies as the rain poured down made the set, especially when singer Menno Versteeg stepped forward into the rain to join the crowd and coax some singing out of them during "Juliette."
Versteeg jokingly claimed the reason for their overnight attire was due to a cross-country flight first thing that morning, and while he was joking, it was that kind of interaction that kept the crowd out in the soggy weather. "Americanarama" elicited the biggest response from those in attendance, and closed the show nicely.