Holiday Rain No Sound Like The Present

Holiday Rain don’t mind blowing their own trumpet. They are more than willing to compare themselves to Guided by Voices and some of the Elephant 6 artists (although they neglect to mention which ones) although in reality, the songs on No Sound Like The Present could be more easily described as fuzzy garage rock than anything else. The biggest problem is that the production is a little thin and most songs sound like a rudimentary demo tape rather than a band’s second album. Or maybe that was the whole idea, but because of a combination of the lack of production and the quickness with which songs come and go, No Sound Like The Present is a slightly frustrating listen. That is compounded by the fact that there are moments here where everything does come together and those moments are quite wonderful. But they are simply moments and that isn’t enough. Perhaps with the right guidance in the studio (or basement) next time round, Holiday Rain can make the music on the CD sound just like the beautiful music they are hearing in their heads. (Serendipity Do Da)