The Holiday Crowd 'Over the Bluffs' (album stream)

The Holiday Crowd 'Over the Bluffs' (album stream)
The history of pop music has given us more songs about New York and Los Angeles than we can begin to count, but we can't recall hearing many collections of tunes inspired by Scarborough, ON. Well, that has now changed with the rolling out of the Holiday Crowd's debut release Over the Bluffs.

The record comes on Tuesday (January 24) via New Romantic, and you can stream it now here at

Recorded at Toronto's Inception Sound Studios by David Hermiston, the seven-song collection is described as a "love letter to Scarborough," where singer Imran Haniff and guitarist Colin Bowers grew up.

Haniff said in a statement, "The whole mood of the record has a Scarborough vibe to it and it only seemed fitting to name it with an honorary nod to our old stomping grounds. Scarborough has so much stacked against it; it almost seemed like the Holiday Crowd needed to stick up for it. There's more material lyrically to write about a place that's tangible and misunderstood than writing about Narnia or Mordor."

Check out Over the Bluffs below, and if you're in Toronto, be sure to catch their release party on January 27 at Oz Studios (134 Ossington Ave.).