Hole Sign with Mercury, Set Release Date for Nobody's Daughter

Hole Sign with Mercury, Set Release Date for <i>Nobody's Daughter</i>
Courtney Love has developed a legacy of insanity over the years, and that has continued with her band Hole. Like her former flame Billy Corgan, Love has reunited her '90s band without any original members, and just as we guessed last fall, the group have a 2010 release date.

According to Spin, the ridiculously delayed Nobody's Daughter will be out on April 27, courtesy of Hole's new label home of Mercury Records.

The album was originally conceived as a solo album with the title of American Sweetheart. But with production help from Corgan, it's no surprise that Love chose to cash in on the Hole name.

The album also had features some production work from veteran Michael Beinhorn, but he abandoned the project early on, telling Spin, "She had a lot of things going on in her personal life that made it impossible to do the sort of work that I wanted."

Stay tuned for countless album delays due to such things as ghosts and gerbils.