Holden The Inheritors

HoldenThe Inheritors
A much-anticipated release, this sophomore album from James Holden arrives a staggering seven years after his lauded debut, The Idiots Are Winning. Always the weirdest on his Border Community roster, The Inheritors is a bold and exhilaratingly out-there release that takes you on a psychedelic journey that feels distinctly out of time yet is undeniably contemporary in its production. Throughout its 75 minutes, the album utilizes elements of prog (think Aphrodite's Child and Goblin more than the British scene), electronica, kosmische and pioneer style electronics. With its psychedelic, cinematic structure and pagan references, The Inheritors (its title taken from William Golding's novel of the same name) feels like a successful answer to what Amorphous Androgynous were trying, but failed, to achieve on their post-debut releases. From single cut "Renata" and the King Crimson-esque "The Caterpillar's Intervention" to the wonky IDM of "Seven Stars" and the gorgeous title track, The Inheritors draws you in for a journey that flows less like an album and more like a Bela Tarr movie. Ambitious, experimental and brilliant, The Inheritors is a unique release that confirms James Holden's place not only as a DJ to watch, but also as a producer to pay close attention to. (Border Community)