HOGZ represent the next generation in Montreal's budding electronic scene. At just 19 years of age, HOGZ had the privilege of growing up in a city that offered events like MUTEK, Piknic Électronik and Bal en Blanc, and on his self-titled debut EP, HOGZ has seemingly absorbed the city's vast and eclectic musical scene; it's one of the most energetic and culturally significant records to come out of Montreal in a while.
Using an array of sounds ranging from vocal sample clips, rumbling bass lines, modulating tones and syncopated beats, HOGZ manages to give each of his six tracks a distinct and charismatic personality. Opting to not stay on one rhythm for too long, tracks like "Pezo" and "Cuban Illegal Immigrant" move like mini DJ-sets, fading clashing rhythms into one another. At times HOGZ wants to come off jazzy and introspective ("Fat Butter"); other times, he wants to play house DJ ("Smog"), providing the listener with everything he's learned about electronic over his 19 years on earth. At all times, it's incredible. (On the Sticks Records)
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