Hodgy Beats Untitled EP

Hodgy BeatsUntitled EP
Odd Future have most notably been known for their tight-knit, insular production, but Hodgy Beats' newest audible resume, Untitled EP, steps outside of the OFWGKTA framework. Relying mostly on outside production from the likes of Juicy J, Flying Lotus and the Alchemist, just to name a few, Hodgy has understood how to separate himself from his uniquely interesting teammates. Odd Future have been known for dark tales of reckless youth but Untitled EP takes a side-step from what we thought we "should" expect and delivers an easy to listen to project. "Bullshittin'," "In A Dream," "Ave." and "If Heaven is a Ghetto" offer a calm canvas and subtle backdrop for Hodgy's clever wordplay. "Lamented" is more expected from Hodgy, but its strangely interesting production still amazes. You won't find any overly deep, Cornel West, master thesis-type rhymes with the Untitled EP, but Hodgy definitely holds his own among many of California's finest. For those who are still a bit weary about Odd Future, Hodgy Beats' Untitled EP is good appetizer even for the ficklest consumers. (Independent)