Hockey Dad Records Announces 10 Year Anniversary Show

Hockey Dad Records Announces 10 Year Anniversary Show
It's a year of ups and downs for Vancouver imprint Hockey Dad Records. Not only is the label celebrating its 10th anniversary and releasing a new 7-inch from Woolworm, but head honcho Ryan Dyck is also saying farewell to his band B-Lines. There's a lot to get misty-eyed over, and you'll have a chance to do just that with the label's 10 year anniversary party next month.

The label will celebrate a full decade of being "Vancouver's least ambitious record label" with a show at the Railway Club on July 11. The show features appearances from label acts Freak Heat Waves, B-Lines, Woolworm, Defektors and Genderdog, as well as the new acts Cave Girl and Trashbait. The party's poster, available above, features phrases like "You can't go out of business if you never do business." You'll find more information about the event here.

Speaking with Exclaim!, Dyck clarifies why he started the label. "I started Hockey Dad for the same reason all the best labels are started — nobody wanted to put out my bands music," he says. "That band was Fun 100. After I figured out how to do it, it was pretty easy to just do the same thing for other bands that I liked that nobody else liked. There are always going to be good local bands that need their records put out."

Dyck says he modelled Hockey Dad after labels like K and Dischord along with other labels "that just put out stuff that they like made mostly by friends — labels like that can just keep evolving because they are made up of real people."

Though he's openly laid back about the imprint, Hockey Dad has been an integral force in launching Vancouver acts, releasing the first material from bands like White Lung, Defektors and the Courtneys, along with less popular but no less legendary cult acts like the Bloggers.

As for his taste-making secrets, Dyck explains that he just releases what he likes. "I've turned down stuff that I'm pretty sure would do well just because I wasn't that into it," he admits. "Once in a while you see bands and it's just obvious that a lot of people will like them, you just have to hope that the band sticks around long enough for people to actually figure it out."

If you're thinking of starting a label of your own, Dyck's decade of experience means he has some advice for you. "Just do it and figure it out as you go along! Make records that only you and your friends like, those will be your favourites in 10 years."

Woolworm's Everything Seems Obvious 7-inch will arrive on June 19. The EP's "Useless" can be streamed below.