The Hives Mark Return with "Surprise" EP

The Hives Mark Return with 'Surprise' EP
It's been a while since we last heard from Swedish garage-punk quartet the Hives. The natty noisemakers' last official full-length was 2007's The Black and White Album, but the band have begun to cause a stir once more with the news that they have a forthcoming, three-song EP of cover songs ready for release in July.

This week, the Hives announced "a surprise EP release for the fans" titled Tarred and Feathered. Due for digital release July 2 and on seven-inch July 9 (which, oddly, is a Friday), the EP will feature covers of "Civilization's Dying" by the Zero Boys, "Early Morning Wake Up Call" by Flash and the Pan, and "Nasty Secretary" by Joy Ryder & Avis Davis.

A free song download from the EP is available now for the price of an email address at the band's official site here.

Might the Hives be gearing up for another full-length? Only time will tell, but their handful of European festival dates - visible at the band's MySpace, here - this summer suggests they're up to something.