History of 'C86' and Indie Pop to Be Explored in New Book

History of 'C86' and Indie Pop to Be Explored in New Book
It's a good time to be a fan of NME's seminal 1986 compilation C86. The genre-defining indie pop cassette is getting an expanded reissue next month, but that's not all. Neil Taylor, the former NME writer who helped compile the original cassette, is also working on a book about the compilation.

Taylor is currently raising funds to complete a book called C86 & All That: Indie 1983-86, which he plans to publish next spring. He's raising money via Kickstarter and has already raised more than his initial £5,000 funding goal. That said, in an email to Slicing Up Eyeballs, Taylor admitted that he's "desperate to get the book written, and although the campaign has gained a fair bit of momentum, more funding would lead to the book the period deserves."

In his Kickstarter description, Taylor points out that "there has been no comprehensive book on the music or period that many recognise as 'the birth of Indie.'"

He adds that he's long desired to write something bigger about the scene.

"I was there when the records came out, when the riots took place, and I co-compiled the legendary NME tape C86 which codified the music and 28 years later remains a powerful cultural icon," he writes. "For every one of those 28 years I have wanted to write in depth about those times and bands — almost all of whom I interviewed for the NME — and the time has now come to do it!"

He goes on to say that the book "won't be the boring, conventional music history," pointing out that he plans to speak with music press, label owners, fanzine makers, musicians and fans, as well as revisiting his own interviews over the last 28 years.

"Many, if not all, of the major players involved have agreed to speak with me for the project," he writes.

Watch Taylor's Kickstarter pitch video for C86 & All That: Indie 1983-86 below. The C86 CD reissue, which was curated by Taylor, will arrive on June 9 via Cherry Red Records.