His Electro Blue Voice Sign to Sub Pop for 'Ruthless Sperm'

His Electro Blue Voice Sign to Sub Pop for 'Ruthless Sperm'
Dark and dreary Italian post-punk crew His Electro Blue Voice have issued singles for the likes of Sacred Bones, Brave Mysteries and Bat Shit Records over the last six years, but the band have finally committed a full-length to tape, and it drops this summer through Sub Pop. Titled Ruthless Sperm, the record hits retailers August 20.

This isn't the band's first appearance on the label, mind you, having popped up earlier this year on the Record Store Day compilation Sub Pop 1000. The seven-song Ruthless Sperm, meanwhile, was self-produced by the band, and a press release asserts that it showcases "30-plus minutes of shock-horror blasts, blaring cyber-synth attacks and that gloriously repetitive Stoogeoid-meets-Killing Joke throb."

You can view a jittery album trailer featuring a wash of spiralling six-string noise (which may or may not be from lead single "Sea Bug"), as well as stream their Sub Pop 1000 track "Kidult," beneath the tracklist.

Ruthless Sperm:

1. Death Climb
2. Spit Dirt
3. Sea Bug
4. Tumor
5. The Path
6. Born Tired
7. Red Earth